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Information about various ayurveda and panchkarma products (ayurveda herbs, massage oils, panchkarma upkarans etc.), manufacturers, wholesale and online suppliers in India. For product enquiries, please send a mail to: info@starlim.co.in

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What is Ayurveda?

Aurveda comprises of ancient knowledge which was garnered by the holy saints and wise people over the years. Though we find the reference to Aurveda in the Rig Vedas, the ancient Indian text, most of the scholars are of the view that this all-encompassing scientific knowledge regarding the health of the individual has been present even much before that. While Ayu in the ancient oriental language Sanskrit means life, Veda denotes the knowledge of it. How to lead your life in a healthy manner and keep diseases and complications at bay? This is essentially what Aurveda teaches us. Make your life healthy and keep it as such and if diseases are already present, Aurveda teaches you how to uproot them forever.  Aurveda deals with the natural therapy of body, fortifying our immune system and making it capable enough so that it wards off all the disease causing elements on its own. Bring your body back in equilibrium and use nature to heal yourself this is basically the inherent principle of Aurveda.

For the healing to be complete and successful it needs to incorporate the right combination of senses as well as the soul of the individual. Overindulgence of any kind is a strict no no. the right control of the mind on our senses does not allow us to deviate and do anything in excess. For example with the right discipline of our mind on the taste buds we can leave off gluttony and thus ward off so many diseases in the process.  Our soul is something which is indestructible. It was in existence long before our physical existence and is going to remain in being even long after we cease to be in our bodies. While the body dies, our soul lives on. Basically the soul of every individual remains unchanged only the bodies that it inhabits changes with time. With the passage of time a detachment occurs in individuals and they gradually cease to love those things which used to give them so much joy and satisfaction in the past.

In the Aurveda a person is considered to be made of five elements which are the primary ones. Earth, water, fire, air and ether or the space- these are the five elements of which our body is primarily constituted of. Air and ether together form the Vata Dosha; water and fire the Pitta Dosha; and earth and water combine and form the Kapha Dosha. While Vata Dosha controls the excretory, respiratory, circulatory and the nervous system; Pitta Dosha deals with our metabolism. Kapha Dosha deals with the individual growth of the body and also the immune system. All the myriad treatment procedures of the ancient healing art of Aurveda deal with all these three different Doshas and use them in the treatment of various diseases.  According to Aurveda, diseases occur when one or the other Dosha increases in concentration in the body. When this occurs and health of the body deteriorates the remedial measure in Aurveda includes various lifestyle as well as nutritional changes which brings back the lost balance.

What is Panchakarma Upkaran?

Panchakarma forms the basis of the ancient healing art of Aurveda and the Panchakarma treatment procedure makes use of various instruments and specialized furniture for the right administration of the treatment. Some of the Panchakarma Upakaran or the instruments are being described here.

Massage-cum-Shirodhara Table
The first one is the Massage-cum-Shirodhara Table, which is eminently suited for various Aurvedic oil massages. It is generally a wooden table which has a slanted top made for a full body massage with oil. There is a shelf in the table for keeping the different massage concoctions and an oil collecting basin at the head region.  Last but not the least is the presence of a rod overhead added to the Massage-cum-Shirodhara Table for the suspension of the oil pot.

Sarvang Dhara Snehan Yantra
Another Panchakarma Upakaran is the Sarvang Dhara Snehan Yantra where the oil falls on the body of the patient and is then massaged away by the Aurveda expert. There is a system for the continuous flow of the hot oil in this Sarvang Dhara Snehan Yantra. The Sarvang Vaspa Swedan Yantra, Panchakarma Upakaran is the steam chamber or cabinet containing the steam generator. The cabinet consists of a foot rest and a wooden seat which is adjustable and is ideal for the steam treatment which is the part and parcel of the Panchakarma therapy.

Nadi Swedan Yantra
In the Nadi Swedan Yantra, the instrument uses localized steam treatment that relives the muscle and the joint pain. This is an ideal instrument for the giving of the steam treatment to any particular area of the body which may be ailing. There is generally a hand device which has a nozzle for directing the steam. The Avaghan Swedan is for a full body oil massage and consists of a bath tub where the temperature can be controlled as needed. 

Vaman Peeth
Vaman Peeth is a Panchkarma instrument having a table as well as a chair that has a reclining back area. This Yantra is used for the Vamanam procedure.

Taap Swedan Yantra
The Taap Swedan Yantra uses heat to normalize the blood flow in the body. As a result there is an alleviation of pain because of the right amount of blood flow in the required area. The stretching of the muscles occurs and it leads to the relaxation and thus decreases in the sensation of the pain. The effectivity of the Taap Swedan Yantra increases very much when it is punched up with exercises and various physical therapies.

Nasya Peeth
The Nasya Peeth consists of a chair which is fully reclining. The head rest of this chair can be adjusted according to the need. With the Nasya Peeth, the patient can recline in a semi-recumbent position which makes it easier for the Aurveda expert to put the medicine in the nostrils in a better manner.

Veerachan Chair
The Veerachan Chair is the commode chair which is made for the comfort of sitting and consists of a wooden seat and an adjustable back. There is also a side arm support system fort the total comfort.  

Aarsh Vaspa Swedan Yantra
The Aarsh Vaspa Swedan Yantra is also a wooden chair that has a steam generation unit attached to it. Medicinal roots etc. are added to it for the Aurveda treatment.

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