200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India

Yoga teacher training in India - 200-hour residential hatha yoga instructor course registered with Yoga Alliance at yoga school Samatva Yogalaya, Rishikesh - Rys 200, Rys 300. Instead of offering one month yoga teacher training, we offer additional 2 weeks of yoga training for the benefits of our yoga students. Our 200 hour TTC is an entry level intensive yoga teacher training program meant for beginners and intermediate level yoga practitioners.


Samatva Yogalaya, Rishikesh (RYS 200, RYS 500), a registered yoga school with Yoga Alliance (USA) in India, conducts 200, 300 & 500 hour residential hatha yoga teacher training programs and yoga instructor courses (RYT 200, RYT 500, YTT, TTC, YTTC) throughout the year in Rishikesh (a spiritual town nestled in the lap of Himalayas, also known as yoga capital of the world). Samatva Yogalaya, Rishikesh has slowly but steadily carved a place for itself as a leading yoga school in India imparting high level of yoga teachers training programs, yoga courses for beginners and yoga retreats. Since 2010, more than 1000 yoga students from approx. 100 countries have graduated from Samatva Yogalaya, Rishikesh as registered yoga teachers - RYT 200 and RYT 500.

Yoga Teacher Training India - Overview

» Internationally certified yoga teacher training certificate course registered with Yoga Alliance (RYT 200).
» Additional 100 hours of training to enhance your yoga teaching skills.
» A comprehensive yoga teacher training program taught by certified yoga instructors.
» Residential facility amidst ashram surroundings with modern infrastructure.
» Inexpensive yoga teacher training in India (affordable cost - US$ 1500 including food and accommodation).
» Optionals: Delhi airport to Rishikesh by taxi (6-hour drive - US$ 70).

200-hour residential hatha yoga teacher training in India in 2017, registered with Yoga Alliance - USA, at yoga school Samatva Yogalaya - Rys 200, Rys 300.

» to 09 September 2017 USD 1500 (Yoga Alliance - RYT 200 Certification in Rishikesh, India)
» to 25 November 2017 USD 1500 (Yoga Alliance - RYT 200 Certification in Rishikesh, India)
Samatva Yogalaya - Rys 200
Krishna Cottage, Swarg Ashram
Rishikesh, Uttarakhand 249304

200-hour residential hatha yoga teacher training in India in 2017, registered with Yoga Alliance - USA, at yoga school Samatva Yogalaya - Rys 200, Rys 300.

» to February 10, 2018 :: USD 1700 (200-Hour Yoga Alliance Certification - RYT 200 in India)
» April 28, 2018 :: USD 1700 (200-Hour Yoga Alliance Certification - RYT 200 in India)
» July 14, 2018 :: USD 1700 (200-Hour Yoga Alliance Certification - RYT 200 in India)
» September 29, 2018 :: USD 1700 (200-Hour Yoga Alliance Certification - RYT 200 in India)
» December 15, 2018 :: USD 1700 (200-Hour Yoga Alliance Certification - RYT 200 in India)
Samatva Yogalaya - Rys 200
Krishna Cottage, Swarg Ashram
Rishikesh, Uttarakhand 249304

Starlim India - Reviews

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India

200-hour residential hatha yoga teacher training in India registered with Yoga Alliance USA.

I had such an amazing time Rishikesh. I attended the TTC in April 2011 and am still sending people I meet who are interested in yoga in the direction of Rishikesh. The staff was always kind and helpful and I made some incredible friends along the way. This was my first time in India and was a great bridge (literally!) between Western society and India. I cannot wait to go back and do my 500 hours training! I'm happy to answer specific questions anyone might have. I know the school has change quite a bit in the year and a half since I was there, but there are a lot of things that will never change in Rishikesh, and I think that's what I love about it so much. Namaste!
Yoga Teacher Training in India
Date published: 09/10/2014
5 / 5 stars

» Course fee includes food and accommodation (all students are provided private room with attached bathroom).
» Booking amount due with the application is US$ 200 (non-refundable advance towards the course fee).
» One can switch from one course to another within 12 months from the actual booking date.
» Balance fee needs to be paid upon your arrival in Rishikesh.
» All fees are non-refundable. Please don't send requests for a refund.

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training - Eligibility

» Anyone who is interested in learning ancient Indian system of Yoga and its applied sciences, with basic knowledge of yoga and ability to follow the yoga instructions and lectures in English, is welcome to join our yoga teacher training course certified by Yoga Alliance (RYT 200).
» Individuals suffering from any ailments are advised not to seek admission for this course.
» The candidate's age should not be less than 18 years at the time of admission. Yoga aspirants above the age of 50 years may be considered by the executive committee provided a fitness certificate is submitted at the time of admission.
» In case of pregnancy, a medical authorization certificate for practising yoga is required.
» During the course, if a candidate is found unfit to undergo the course, his/her training will be discontinued and no refund of fees/charges will be made.
» The system of the traditional teaching some time may differ from the west. Therefore students are advised to make their mind before they apply or get registered. Even some time the fundamental understanding of yogic path may differ from yoga schools in the west.
» Those, who are just expecting some of the modified versions of physical exercises in the name of Yoga, then Samatva Yogalaya, Rishikesh may not be the right place. One should apply only if he/she is willing to follow the strict yogic rules and regulations of the centre.

Yoga Teacher Training - Evaluation & Certification

» There will be a process of assessment - written as well as practical.
» At least 95% attendance is required to qualify for TTC certification.
» Satisfactory progress throughout the course is one of the criteria to award TTC certificates.
» Behavior of the student would also be considered in assessing his/her progress.

All the students who successfully complete our yoga teacher training course are awarded Yoga Teacher Training Certificate by Samatva Yogalaya, Rishikesh and they are also eligible for registering themselves directly with Yoga Alliance as RYT 200.

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training India - Daily Schedule

In keeping with the requirements of Yoga Alliance - USA, 200-hour YTT program follows a tight schedule where almost each of the 6 to 7 training hours in the day are assigned to some aspect of yoga. You could find the training intensive but enlightening. Depending on the yoga school the mornings can begin as early as 5:30 a.m. with meditation followed by some yoga postures and maybe some classes or lectures in philosophy or anatomy. Chanting and pranayama are also part of the schedule. During training you are provided with two to three yoga meals, fruit refreshments and green tea. Daily written homework is also the norm as that is how you will gain in-depth knowledge of the subject.  Sleeping early is encouraged as that is part of yogic practice.

» 05:30 am - Wake Up
» 06:00 am - Herbal Tea
» 06:15 am - Shatkarma/Yogic cleansing
» 06:30 am - Pranayama and Chanting
» 07:30 am - Yoga Therapay | Yoga Asana
» 09:00 am - Breakfast
» 10:30 am - Yoga Therapy
» 11:30 am - Yoga Philosophy
» 12:30 pm - Lunch
» 03:30 pm - Yoga Anatomy
» 04:30 pm - Yoga Breathing | Yoga Nidra
» 05:00 pm - Hatha/Ashtanga Yoga Asana
» 06:45 pm - Pranayama | Meditation
» 07:15 pm - Dinner
» 10:45 pm - Lights Out

Techniques and practice make the bulk of the training as 100 hours is allotted to that. Methodology takes up 25 hours while 20 hours go to learning anatomy and physiology.  You need to devote 30 hours to philosophy and ethical conduct. For electives there are 15 hours and 10 hours for practicum.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Syllabus

Yoga Philosophy
Yoga - Introduction
Origin of yoga
Different paths of yoga -Karma, Bhakti and Jnana
Consciousness and awareness
Evolution of awareness
Evolution of elements (according Sankhya darshan)

Panch kosha (five covering or sheaths over consciousness)

  • Annamaya kosha (physical sheath) - Gross body - Conscious state
  • Panch-tatva (Five-elements), Sapt-dhatu (Seven-tissues)
  • Pranamaya kosha (energy sheath) - Subtle body - Subconscious state
  • Panch-prana (five vital airs)
  • Karmendriya (five organ of action)
  • Nadi (subtle energy channels), Tri-shakti (tried energy)
  • Shat-Chakra (six centre of energy-transformation)
  • Kundalini and Granthis
  • Manomaya kosha (mental sheath) - Subtle body - Subconscious state
  • Manas (mind), Buddhi (lower intellect), Chitta (memory), Ahamkar (ego)
  • Jnanedriya (five senses)
  • Jnanamaya kosha (intuitive sheath) - Subtle body - Subconscious state
  • Buddhi (higher intellect)
  • Ananadmaya kosha (bliss sheath) - Causal body - Unconscious state
  • Turiya - Pure consciousness

» Four-sutra (preface of Patanjali's Yog sutra)
» Panch-klesha (five causes of pain and miseries)
» Raja yoga and hatha yoga
» Yama, Niyama (social and personal rules and regulations)
» Asana (physical posture)
» Pranayama (breathing techniques)
» Pratyahara (withdrawal of the mind from the senses)
» Dharna (concentration), Dhayan (meditation), Samadhi (self-realization)
» Asana/Pranayama/Shatkarma/Bandha

Ethical Guidelines

The organization Samatva Yogalaya, Rishikesh inherits the ancient approach of yoga to inculcate and infuse the wisdom of yoga in each and every student of Yog Peeth. To see this vision in to practice the whole design of teaching and learning is framed in such a way that ethical sense becomes inevitable for all the members of Yog Peeth.

At Samatva Yogalaya, Rishikesh, the very beginning of the day starts with the ancient code of conduct prescribed in the name of Dincharya (the daily regimen). Every day activities are arranged in the light of Ritucharya (seasonal code of conduct). Moreover, every step of behavior of the individual is visualized under the concept of Achar-rasayan (behavioral chemistry).

We see the whole spectrum of Yama (rules, how to act in the society) and Niyama (personal code and conducts) prescribed by Maharishi Patanjali need to be seen into practical, day to day behavioral terminology. If not hundred percent, at least whatever feasible that should be practiced sincerely and honestly. We feel this sense of transparency in the behavior of an individual is essential to be in the path of Yoga.

Code of Conduct

» Routine of the course should be strictly followed. Discipline is an integral part of this training program. Disrespect may render the student to lose his/her studentship and in such case no fees would be refunded.
» Absence from any activity of the scheduled program is a gross breach of discipline. Under inevitable circumstances, a student should obtain permission in advance from the teacher concerned/the respective Manager accordingly.
» If a specific meal is to be avoided, it should be informed to the person concerned in good time, so that no food may be wasted.
» Guests of the students will have to make their own arrangements. » During the course, any kind of extra-ordinary activities, not related to the course, will not be permitted.
» No student would be allowed to enter in to the hall, once the class starts.
» All the library books and other dues, if any, must be settled before leaving the place.
» Smoking and drinking alcohol are strictly prohibited.

Booking Procedure

After receiving your TTC application, we'll send you an invoice of US$ 200 (non-refundable) through PayPal (or a link to the payment page) containing all the relevant details about the payments required. Once your payment is processed, a booking confirmation will be sent to you through email.

Refund Policy

The booking amount, due with the application, is an advance towards the course fee and it is non-refundable. In case, you are unable to attend our course as per your booking, you can opt for our next courses as per our TTC schedule and availability of seats, within 12 months from the date of your current booking. Remaining fee needs to be paid upon your arrival. Fee once paid will not be refunded and is not adjustable under any circumstances. We understand that emergencies and other life situations do arise. We recommend that you carefully review your schedule and upcoming obligations to ensure that you can commit fully to our yoga teachers training course.

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